Espresso Insight’s Goals for Humanity

  • Space Travel
  • Increase human lifespan
  • Create an exciting future

From space exploration to biotech and more, our mission is to start discussions that help emerging tech projects aim towards an exciting, optimistic future.

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New logo: Sumatran orangutan astronaut drinking espresso in a nebula, with an epigenome. #idoallmyownlogos

EspressoInsight.com covers product/market fit for emerging technology. We highlight important breakthroughs, discoveries, and projects on some of the following topics, and more.

  • angel investing and startup companies
  • enterprise software
  • software applied to hard-tech
  • websites & ecommerce
  • futurism
  • artificial intelligence, machine learning, NLP
  • blockchain
  • space travel
  • longevity
  • mobile gaming
  • virtual reality

Specifics about our Goals for Humanity:

  1. Build a self sustaining colony on Mars – including strategies for travel, propellant production, chemical engineering, and in-situ resource utilization.
  2. Robotic exploration of deep space – propulsion, smallsats / nanoships, opportunities for citizen space explorers.
  3. Extend human lifespan – we are helping by reviewing research studies, presenting information, and connecting with experts to identify strategic ways to accelerate progress and help humans live healthier, longer. Ryan (manager of the site) studied chemistry and has published a paper on cancer research.

As Espressoinsight.com continues to grow, we plan to use our platform to fund exciting projects in these realms.

To help fund these initiatives, we offer services to brands and companies (further below).

On top of that, we approach content and articles differently.

The Challenge with Most Internet Journalism

There are three things we hate about traditional internet / tech information you find online. Here’s how we make them better:

  1. Linearity: Topics and subjects are covered haphazardly, publishing articles on whatever the latest news is, which often does not include sufficient background information. This leaves the audience to piece information together for themselves from different content sources on the internet.
  2. Updates: Articles are generally posted once and then new information on the subject is given an entirely separate article. We aggregate all of the information into one article, and keep updating it as new information arises. This allows us to maintain a single place for updates on the information on the subject.
  3. Citations: Scientific studies references are not always included or hard to find. We standardize the citation process by including a numbered citation system in all of our articles.

For these reasons, we feel that we are better equipped than any website on the internet to present important information concisely.

We encourage you to consider partnering with us.

Services – the value we bring:

Reach a Niche Audience

Within the context of our missions, our website gets traffic from highly intellectual individuals – engineers, technologists, silicon valley entrepreneurs, space agency employees from across the globe, and more.

We can help your company promote your brand in a unique and influential way.

We are able to synergize your brand’s message into a compelling story within the context of our highly engaging content.

By including your story into the most engaging sides of our blog posts, you can be confident that your voice will not only be heard, but your brand perception will be held in high-regard with our audience.

High oversight and control

You will maintain a high level of control and oversight in promotions. We’re a lean, agile, and nimble platform. We quickly make tailored updates based on your needs. (By “quickly”, I’m talking minutes or hours, not days).

No banner / sidebar ads

The absence of banner and sidebar ads on Espressoinsight.com enables your readers to focus only on the call-to-actions related to your story and message.

Reach an engaged niche across diverse channels

Espresso Insight is more than just a website. We run a mailing list, multiple social media channels (viral on TikTok), as well as hold a niche position of influence within subreddit and Facebook communities.

Optimized Promotion Package

Our optimized promotion package includes diverse and total coverage of these marketing channels, recurring monthly:

  • Feature your contextual message in a published 1000+ word website blog post / article.
  • 5 TikTok videos
  • 2 Instagram posts
  • 2 Tweets
  • Mentions & links in our email newsletter

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss further. We can be reached by email at Espressoinsight@gmail.com, or get in touch below.

Thank you for visiting!

The views expressed on this website are distinctly this website’s. We do not represent any individual or organization aside from EspressoInsight.com. Nothing on this website is financial advice. Do your own research and please fact check all statements here. There will inevitably be things that we get wrong, although we will do our best to fix them.