Espresso Insight Big Goals:

  • Accelerate the medical cure for aging
  • Promote space travel
  • Invest in an exciting future

99% of science fiction eventually becomes real.


From space exploration to biotech and more, our mission is to start discussions that help emerging tech projects aim towards an exciting, optimistic future. We highlight important breakthroughs, discoveries, and projects on some of the following topics, and more.

  1. Extend human lifespan and solve aging. We are helping by reviewing research studies, presenting information, and connecting with experts to identify strategic ways to accelerate progress and help humans live healthier, longer. We believe people shouldn’t have to die if they don’t want to.
  2. Build a self sustaining colony on Mars – including strategies for travel, propellant production, chemical engineering, and in-situ resource utilization.
    • Robotic exploration of deep space – propulsion, smallsats / nanoships, opportunities for citizen space explorers.
  3. The Espresso Fund: The magic happens when emerging technologies come together to form singular products, creating what we like to call 1000x investment opportunities.

We analyze and discuss a broad scope of topics surrounding emerging technology.

The Espresso Fund will helps promote and extend projects in the following areas:

  • *electric cars
  • *cryptocurrency & blockchain
  • *self driving cars
  • *enterprise software
  • *cryptocurrency
  • *the metaverse
  • *dapps
  • robotics
  • web3
  • artificial intelligence
  • machine learning
  • NLP
  • space travel
  • longevity
  • mobile gaming
  • virtual reality

The views expressed on this website are distinctly this website’s. We do not represent any individual or organization aside from EspressoInsight.com. Nothing on this website is financial advice. Do your own research and please fact check all statements here. There will inevitably be things that we get wrong, although we will do our best to fix them. The blog posts are for entertainment purposes only. Our writers may discuss investments that they hold themselves.