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Players Learn About Crypto and NFTs in Sunflower Land Online Game

Sunflower Land gives players a Crash-Course in Crypto Education

If you are new to blockchain and crypto, try out Sunflower Land, a game that is an interactive, learn-by-doing educational blockchain course. 

By simply playing the game, you become familiar with blockchain technology in a fun and entertaining way.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to setup a self-custodial wallet, starting your journey into the world of crypto and NFTs.

If you don’t quite understand cryptocurrency or how it works, play this game to learn about how the blockchain can power new monetary / incentive systems in both gaming and real life.

Learn NFTs: Rarity, Scarcity, and Trading Beyond the Sunflower Land Ecosystem

Even if you’ve never purchased or owned an NFT before, Sunflower Land provides an easy way to learn the ropes and how to leverage NFTs – all of which have real in-game utility.

By playing the game, you gain experience with NFT minting, as well as the actual utility of NFTs, getting to use them to advance the game. 

goblin crown NFT fro Sunflower Land
Goblin Crown NFT, tradable on OpenSea

You own all your items. They’re NFTs!

Because the in-game assets are built on the ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-1155 protocol models, all of the items are compatible with the most popular web3 platforms in use today such as Opensea, Uniswap, Quickswap, or even Rarible.

Every single item in the game is an NFT. 

All items in the game are owned by you, the player.

When you craft a tool or mine an ore like gold, you can sell and trade these NFTs on secondary markets like OpenSea and others. 

Of course, you’ll need to learn a few things before trading and exchanging NFTs in web3. We highly recommend reviewing this guide to crypto wallets before getting started.

Because all items are tradeable outside of the game, the value of everything in the game will be determined by the market.

Learn how free-market economics affect the price and value of Sunflower Land NFTs

There are factors both within and outside of Sunflower Land affecting the price and value of tokens and NFTs.

These economic factors create markets based on rarity, scarcity, and in-game utility, which makes some items more valuable than others. 

As described in the Sunflower Land documentation, “if the price of Gold sharply increases, a natural side effect is that NFTs that require Gold also increase on Open Sea.” [1] 

Sunflower Land Players Learn Cryptocurrency Tokenomics, via native $SFL token

Once you play and figure out the tokenomics of Sunflower Land, the knowledge you gain is applicable to the rest of the crypto industry. 

Playing the game and earning $SFL token by planting and harvest crops helps provide macro context for how crypto works. 

“if the price of Gold sharply increases, a natural side effect is that NFTs that require Gold also increase on Open Sea.”

In the game, you burn tokens in order to purchase items, which lowers the $SFL token circulating supply, making the token more scarce over time.

According to the docs, “While the total supply increases and the rewards lessen, the amount of circulating supply also decreases as SFL is burnt.” [1]

Many cryptocurrency assets follow similar models to this. ETH, for example, is burned via transaction fees in the proof-of-stake model (post-merge). 

Likewise, the token contracts of $SFL also implement a “halvening” model, which bitcoin famously leverages as well. After a certain number of …

SFL supply
$SFL token supply the first day the game was released.

Learn Principles of Economics in Sunflower Land

For someone who procrastinates, playing sunflower farmers gives you an excuse to take a break from work and check your farm.

Sunflower Land teaches you basic principles of economics. revenue minus expenses gives you profit, which stays in the bank (or in the case of web3, your crypto wallet). 

The game also teaches you about productivity, because some crops are financially more productive than others.

As far as financial productivity of crops goes, sunflowers are the most productive. However, Sunflowers also require the most work.

They could be the most fun, however, because they are more active and you get to plant and harvest more frequently, every minute.

Players learn about resource conservation. 

There are only a certain number of seeds to buy in stock. After they run out, you must sync your farm on the blockchain the re-up the resources.

It costs 0.1 Polygon to do so, which effectively sets the lower limit floor of the goods somewhere around that price.

Games are a great way to learn things.

Gamification can create a fun and engaging way to learn just about anything.

The creators of the Sunflower Land did not set out to create a gamified blockchain educational course. 

Still, in the creation of a truly decentralized and open-source crypto game, Sunflower Land has become an excellent place for newbies to experiment and learn the fundamentals of blockchain – from NFTs to crypto, wallets and more in an interactive, hands-on way.


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