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Mobile Gaming Manifesto

The Mobile Gaming Manifesto

The Mobile Gaming Manifesto describes the rai·son d’ê·tre for mobile games.

Mobile games in context of the current state of technology:

  1. Mobile devices are becoming the primary access point to the internet, globally.
  2. It is normal to have 24/7 access to a mobile device.
  3. Tablets and smartphones (now one and the same) are replacing laptops. A single device serves as a phone, tv, computer, game console, and more.
  4. Whether home or abroad, whether on a car, bus, plane, or train, people can play mobile games everywhere.
  5. People can enjoy video games without the need to access a console.
  6. Mobile players of today have the early adopter advantage: As of 2020, fewer gamers play on mobile compared to console and PC. In the future, more people will play on mobile devices. But for now, there is less competition for those who do play on mobile.
  7. Mobile is no longer reserved for simple and hyper casual games. Complex, MMO PC and console native games like Fortnite and COD are present on mobile devices, with more games on the way.
  8. As technology advances, it becomes more elegant – smaller or even invisible. The cables and boxes formerly required for gaming will become obsolete. Consoles are becoming smaller and may disappear entirely.
  9. It is becoming easier to connect mobile devices to larger display screens.
  10. It is becoming easier to connect mobile devices to a diverse array of gui controllers – from keyboards and mice to Xbox controllers.
  11. There are millions of game apps on mobile.
  12. Mobile game development is accessible to everyone.
  13. Whereas console controllers are rigid, standardized, one-size-fits all by nature, mobile controls involve the touchscreen. Touchscreens are modular. With touchscreens, users can customize the the button control layout for each game. The only challenge (for now) is that touchscreens are flat. Future mobile devices could incorporate more ergonomic designs – from folding or curved screens and beyond.

Our why

Mobile Game Talk exists to share a love for mobile gaming with the world. We constantly focus on the advancement of mobile technology to shape the future of gaming. We acknowledge the importance of saying “no” to many projects in order to focus on areas where we can make a significant contribution. Regardless of where we are in our journey, these values are embedded in the foundation of the company.

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