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Knighthood mobile gamer Q&A

We interviewed redditor ManaBuilt about Knighthood, and here’s how it went!

Q: What is Knighthood?

A: The game is a portrait-oriented RPG with turn-based battle mechanics and hero collection.

Q: How did you hear about the game?

A: I heard about it through a friend that downloaded it and recommend I give it a shot.

Q: Why do you enjoy playing it?

A: I enjoy the game because of its solid gameplay and unique graphics. The fights are satisfying and the hero collecting doesn’t take center stage, which lets you spend most of your time upgrading your own character.

Q: Could you elaborate on gameplay a bit.. talk about objectives, progression, items, etc.

A: The game is semi-linear, with your character needing to go through set battles in order to continue on to new lands. As you move through the world, there are some branching paths that lead to various repeatable activities that are all about grinding for the necessary components to level up. Hunts are battles that can be farmed for upgrade materials and EXP, while Shrines of Power are quests that you can send your companions out on to get unique items and level them up, etc. There’s a good amount of variety to be had and daily missions will pretty much get you to touch each of the events in one way or another.

Q: How are the graphics? Can you compare the graphic / art in the game to anything?

A: I could not think of any other game that has graphics like this, possibly Fortnite? It’s a very clean look, and moving between menus and battles feels very smooth. Equipment (weapons and armor) have unique looks for each rank, making your character look very unique from other players the more you play.

Q: Can you talk about the game controls? How complex are touch screen mobile controls during gameplay?

A: Controls are pretty simple. Tap once to attack with weapon, swipe up to attack with your gauntlet. Gauntlet attacks power up your special, which changes based on the companions you bring with you into fights. Gauntlet and standard weapon attacks can be chained together in some fun ways, as high attack combos deal more damage, but higher gauntlet combos fill your special meter faster. So there’s some interesting planning that needs to happen if you know that a later wave of enemies will be better dealt with a big special attack. It feels very nice playing mobile, and I would say a lot of care went into making sure it didn’t feel like a port from PC or anything; buttons are all easy to press, text never feels too small, and it’s pretty light on battery and data to boot.

Q: How does upgrading your character work?

A: Upgrading your character happens on a lot of different levels. Your character gains actual EXP from fights, but you also need to upgrade your weapons, armor, and companions. Hunts, as mentioned, are the easiest ways to farm for materials to upgrade each of these, but as the game goes on you start needing to find special and harder to find items to move a piece of equipment into the next rank. So there’s a good blend of grinding and needing to hunt down valuable materials and then making a decision about which item will get moved into a new rank or level.

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How will 5G impact Gaming?

Now more than a buzzword, 5G will revolutionize mobile networks. This article covers 5G, discussing how it may impact gaming.

  • What is 5G?
  • How will it make gaming better?
  • What will this make possible?
  • How will 5G impact data plans?
  • When will it be here?

What is 5G?

Not to be confused with 5Ghz wifi, 5G cellular networks will open up entirely new possibilities that weren’t feasible on slower networks.

5G is the next step up in cellular network technology (there was 3G, then 4G LTE, and now 5G). 5G mobile internet is rumored to be 10 times faster than LTE, 5G increases wireless broadband speeds for smartphones and other devices, thus improving data transfer on cellular and mobile networks.

Although dramatically impactful in many disciplines (medicine: surgery performed remotely, automobiles: self driving cars, IOT: smart cities), 5G will also enable and improve many aspects of gaming.

How will 5G impact gaming?

5G will make gaming – specifically mobile gaming – better. This will include:

1. Immediate responsiveness:

This means lower latency. Latency is the time it takes to transmit data from your device to the network and back again. This increases the speed with which a command is registered on your screen. For gaming, a lower latency means that gamers will more quickly be able to make decisions.

2. Better mobile graphics:

The ability to transmit and receive larger amounts of data will allow mobile frame rate to increase (as of January 2020, Fortnite on console can handle up to 60 FPS whereas Fortnite on PC and iPad up to 120 FPS, for example). With a higher frame rate, graphics will be more crisp and player movements will be sharper and easier to calculate.

3. Faster downloads:

5G will notably increase the download speed for games and other apps to your phone. Today, downloading mobile games (many of which are well over 1GB) requires gamers to connect to wifi and plug in their phone to prevent battery drainage. 5G will allow games of this size to be downloaded no problem. Data plans will likely be larger, so people will be more apt to download these games on the go. This will lower the barrier to entry to play all types of video games, increasing its popularity broadly, from mobile and casual gaming to esports as well.

4. Better reliability

Because 5G will provide extremely stable connections, gamers will not experience game and internet connections to drop off or remain unsteady. As more people have stable and reliable internet connections, mass multiplayer online mobile games will continue to grow, expanding the social aspects of many games such as Fortnite, while providing space for the birth of mobile-first multiplayer online games.

5. The end of lagging?

Lagging gets worse when a game’s network reaches peak player volume. Since 5G can handle a higher network throughput than 4G, game servers will manage peak hour data usage more efficiently. Since 5G will reportedly make games 1000 times faster, gamers can expect little to no lagging and more consistent high quality gameplay.

However, game companies will inevitably develop more complex and graphic intensive games. Especially with the continued growth of virtual reality gaming, the processing power required to run video games can be expected to increase.

While 5G will allow game developers to to do more with future video games, we can expect game developers to to continue to push the envelope of technology, eventually reaching the limits of 5G.

What will 5G make possible?

1. Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming should allow you to play high end, graphics intensive online multiplayer games on your mobile device with low (if any) latency and extremely high quality, resolution, and response time.

You won’t be able to tell that you’re not playing on a mobile device. Look for the following cloud gaming systems to exist soon:

  • Playstation Now
  • Google Stadia
  • Microsoft Xcloud

2. VR Streaming

Virtual reality entertainment has higher bandwidth requirements for a couple reasons:

  1. two images need to be streamed for VR, one to the left eye and one to the right eye.
  2. both of these need to be high-resolution to deliver high-quality experiences.
  3. low frame rate is one of the chief reasons that some VR players get headaches or have poor quality experiences in VR gaming.

The ability for 5G to handle the higher data receipt and transmission will make VR streaming of movies and games much smoother.

3. Future of mobile devices

5G will enable a new breed of handheld gaming consoles – 5G shells that transmit and receive high quality graphics via cloud computing. With the power of 5G, processing power local to device is not practical.

In the future, the purposes served by multiple devices (X-Box, PC, mobile, etc.) may combine into one one device optimized for transmitting and receiving data via the cloud.

With this data being processed non-locally, there is no need to purchase physical copies of games and other software, since they can be easily procured via the internet.

How will 5G affect data plans?

For consumers, it is hard to know if 5G will mean higher prices or not. Given that 5G is an enabler of extremely high download capacity, unlimited data plans will likely be required to take advantage of 5G.

The good news is that some companies such as TMobile have pledged to keep prices the same as 4g.

Data caps may still be a factor as they are today, but ultimately 5G will make the ability to transmit and receive data more abundant.

When will 5G be here?

5G is already here, its just not widely distributed yet. Some cellular plans such as T-Mobile and AT&T already have 5G out. We recommend contacting your provider directly to inquire more about 5G and what it would take to get access.

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Best Free Mobile Games 2020

The best free mobile games in 2020 are in some ways similar to last year, but with the advancement of mobile game technology, mobile gamers have a lot to look forward to!

The list of best free mobile games of 2020 are all considered to be “hyper casual games”, a game genre that is simple, short, and can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

Here are our top picks for the best free mobile games of 2020:

Best Free Mobile Games 2020

  • High Hoops
  • Geometry Dash
  • 2048 Balls
  • Color Bounce – developed by Jimmy On
  • Surfline game
  • Coin Rush
  • Bikes Hills
  • Hoop stars
  • Pokey ball
  • Fit
  • BlockuDoku
  • Dot n beat
  • Clash of blocks
  • Bumberkart.io

How to Disable iOS 13 Gesture Pop-Up Bar for 3 & 4 Finger Claw

When you play Fortnite mobile on iOS 13 with 3 or 4 finger claw technique, there’s a weird glitch as a result of the multi-touch gesture setting that causes the editing bar (undo/redo/cut/copy/paste) to pop up unexpectedly.

How does the iOS 13 Gesture Bar Interrupt Gameplay?

The gesture bar shows up when you tap your screen with 3 or more fingers. This can interrupt mobile gameplay and can be quite frustrating as it momentarily freezes your ability to control the game.

The ability to use both the thumbs and index fingers to perform three or more actions simultaneously while playing (such as Move, Fire, Look, or Crouch) is very important for mobile gamers that play with the 3 or 4 finger claw technique.

Since there was no way to turn this setting off in iOS 13, the bar has all but ruined the experience for claw style mobile players.

There has been a significant amount of backlash from the mobile gaming community online.

frustration with ios multi-touch settings

Thankfully, Apple is a large company and is therefore able to make improvements quickly.

With the launch of iOS 13.1 in September as well as subsequent releases of 13.2 and 13.3, Apple has added “improvements and bug fixes” which fix the problem.

If you wait to upgrade your device, however, the problem will continue until you upgrade.

SOLUTION: In iOS 13, there is no way to turn the setting off. The only way to fix this is to upgrade your device.

If you’re a visual learner, the video below demonstrates the problem and how to resolve it.

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Best Free No-Download Online Games

In this post we’ll cover the best free, simple, no-download online multiplayer games. Why download a game if you don’t have to?

Aside from the fact that they are all free, these games are similar in a few ways.

Known as the “dot-io” games, they are simple by design, but become more complex as you develop different strategies to play and progress in each.

For one, they’re all accessible right from your browser without ever downloading a file onto your computer. In all of them, the entity you control moves non-stop. Since there’s no way to pause, the games require your undivided attention.


Slither.io will remind you of the old classic “Snake” that was popular on cell phones in the early 2000s. The difference is that its an online multiplayer game where seemingly hundreds of other snakes (players) are all in the same arena battling it out. The objective: get as big as possible.

  • To get bigger, you have to consume mass — colored dots scattered around the map.
  • Careful! If you run into another snake, you’re out! You lose and your snake turns into a concentration of colored dots for others to consume and get bigger.
  • Aggressive players will try to speed in front of you, so watch out. You can speed by holding down the mouse button, but you’ll slowly lose mass in order to speed up.

Link: click here to play Slither.io.


There is not another game like Paper.io – it is completely unique. Like the others on this list, the game is an online multiplayer game.

  • The objective is to cover as much of the area as possible with your color. You move your player across the screen to create loops, and
  • While drawing a new loop, you’re vulnerable! If another player crosses your path before you close your new loop, then you’re out!
  • Score is kept based on the percentage of the map you have covered, and the player rankings are displayed on screen as well.
  • From the home page of the game’s website, you can change game mode. Small Map and Fast Speed are pretty fun, and there are even a few older versions that host games with an antiquated, blocky feel.

Link: click here to play Paper.io.


Hole.io feels a bit different than the other two. You control a circle (the hole) with your mouse, moving it around an arena that resembles a city. When you move your circle around an object, the object will drop down into the hole. Your goal is to consume various objects in the city such as benches, light posts, cars, buildings.

  • Your circle will get bigger as you consume more objects.
  • The kicker with Hole.io is that it’s timed. Although endless games can be fun, the fact that Hole.io is timed can be beneficial if you only have a few minutes to play

Link: click here to play Hole.io.

As simple and lightweight as they are, you can find yourself jumping in for just a round or two and playing for an hour before you know it. These games are great time wasters, perfect when you’re bored at work. They’re ALSO available on mobile (slither is, paper is, and I need to check to see if hole is) waiting for your plane, in transit, etc.

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