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What is Hard Scoping in First Person Shooter Games?

And is hard scoping frowned upon? 

“Hard scoping” is when someone looks through the scope of a sniper rifle for an extended period of time (say, longer than 2-3 seconds). Hard scoping is frowned upon in many games because it allows players to camp in one spot and target other players from a distance. Taking time to aim and lock down a perfect headshot may be viewed as an unfair advantage.

Fortnite Mobile elim via a 3 second scope

There are many who believe hard scoping is part of the game. You have a scope, and you might as well use it. 

But why is hard scoping even a big deal?

With the popularity of streaming platforms and YouTube highlight videos, gamers enjoy showing off trick shots like fast scope snipes. As players have begun to hold this type of video in high regard, scoping for longer than just a second or two has come to be a mark of inexperience in gaming. 

Some gamers would tell you don’t EVER look through your scope for more than two seconds, subscribing to the ideology that you should only use the scope when the distance is so far that regular aiming is difficult or impossible. Players that scope for longer… 5 to 10 seconds or more, are considered “hard scopers” and are universally condemned.

The verdict…

After thinking through it further, I’m not sure we can come to an official conclusion at the moment. Ultimately, there are a lot more factors to take into consideration such as skill level, game style, as well as the actual game itself. Conventions in Fortnite may be different from those in Call of Duty, and vice-versa.

So what are your thoughts? Is ‘hard-scoping’ a big no-no, or is it acceptable? Let me know what you think.

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