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Top 4 Fortnite Mobile Tips for Beginner Players

Fortnite is a game unlike any other. As competitive as it is fun, Fortnite keeps players chasing the sacred Victory Royale – a first place win in a live online match against 100 other players.

The game is available on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Mobile. If you’ve decided to play on mobile, welcome! We are going to cover a few important points for a beginner who chooses to play Fortnite on a mobile device.

Disable Auto Fire

When you first download Fortnite Mobile from the app store, you have a choice between various aim and control styles. Auto fire is a setting that is usually “on” by default. Although it can be fun to use when you’re new, it’s a great idea to disable it, so that you’re the one controlling your weapon. Here’s why you should disable auto fire:

  1. “Auto fire” is a control setup that automatically shoots whenever your weapon is aimed at another player.
  2. By using auto fire, you have an unfair advantage because the setting makes the game easier.
  3. You will waste ammo because the game will fire for you whenever pointed at a player, even if they’re out of reach.
  4. It enables you to fire without actually tapping the fire button, so you have fewer actual controls. The game performs the critical act of firing shots for the gamer.
  5. Having an automation like this enabled during a live match will cause other players to become frustrated with you and you may even get reported.

Work Towards Becoming a 4-finger Player.

Playing Fortnite – or any first person shooter game – on a mobile device comes with unique control styles. Naturally, Fortnite mobile players tend to use their thumbs to aim, move, jump, fire, build, etc. But with the vast amount of buttons on the screen, it can be tough to perform all these different actions concurrently with just two thumbs.

The solution that has been popularized is to use your two index fingers in addition to your thumbs. To do so, you rest your mobile device on your pinky, ring, and middle fingers, while wrapping the thumb and index fingers of each hand around to the front of the screen, hence the name “4-finger”.

Given the awkward nature of the 4-finger technique, it has been termed “the claw” by some as well. Although the technique does take some getting used to, it can be extremely effective. The best mobile players tend to use this technique during gameplay.

By using the 4-finger claw for control, you should be able to better match your fingers to the position of the buttons on screen, giving you optimum speed and reach capabilities. This brings us to our next point…

Use the HUD Layout Tool to Customize your Button Layout

Fortnite mobile offers you the capability to move the action buttons around on your screen.

This customize-ability of the mobile control system goes hand-in-glove with your gradual progression towards becoming a 4-finger player. As you adapt to 4-finger, it’s important to shift and reposition your custom button layout to the setup that fits best with the natural flow of your hands on the screen during gameplay.

To see how to do this, see the post on the HUD Layout Tool.

Turn on Turbo Build

Turbo Build is a configuration in mobile that allows you to build quicker. It can easily be enabled by going to settings. Turbo build allows you to continue building the same piece when you hold down the build button.

After enabling turbo build, make sure to add the build shortcut tools to your HUD Layout, as described above. This allows for quicker access to build mode so that you can instantaneously build whatever block you want during heat of the moment combat fights.

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