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Fortnite: What the Weapon Colors Mean

Fortnite colors represent the rarity of that weapon

The weapons in Fortnite are glowing a different color (gray, green, blue, purple, orange, or gold). When you pick up a weapon and it goes into your inventory, the weapon icon will display the same color, distinguishing one from another.

The colors of Fortnite weapons symbolize “rarity”, which describes how rare and also how powerful each weapon is. A gray weapon is not as powerful as a green one, and so on.

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Fortnite Weapon Color Rankings

There are 6 Fortnite Weapon colors. The list below ranks them from weakest to most powerful, with #6 being the most rare and powerful.

  1. Gray (common)
  2. Green (uncommon)
  3. Blue (rare)
  4. Purple (epic)
  5. Orange (legendary)
  6. Gold (mythic)

Gray is the weakest, Gold is the strongest (in theory). As of the Star Wars partnership events, a First Order Blaster rifle is one of the only Gold weapons in the game, and can be found by eliminating one of the bots in Stormtrooper uniforms. Gold weapons are special, and the core weapons present in the game do not have a gold ranking.

What determines the power of a Fortnite weapon?

There are a number of factors that determine how effective a weapon is. The different factors are DPS (damage per second), damage, fire rate, magazine size, and reload time. These statistics get better for each weapon as the weapons become more rare.

Statistics for Every Fortnite weapon, by color and type:

Below, you will see the stats for all of the main damage dealing weapons and equipment in the game of Fortnite, ranked with their respective colors and factors. We have excluded vaulted weapons and event related weapons (which are temporary) such as the lightsaber.

common, uncommon, and rare
epic and legendary

Can you change the color of a weapon?

You can change the color or rarity of a weapon.

To do so, you must “upgrade” the weapon, at specific places in the game. Upgrading typically requires different amounts of resources (wood, brick, and metal), and will then allow you to upgrade the weapon one level at a time. As you progress in rarity, weapons require more resources to be upgraded, while others are not able to be upgraded (Legendary and Mythic equipment cannot be upgraded, for example). It takes more resources to go from purple to orange than it does to go from grey to green, for instance.

For a more in-depth analysis of the different kind of weapons, check out the FULL ANALYSIS article covering the Fortnite weapon power rankings and what each color does.

Fortnite Weapon Color Power Rankings and Analysis

Fortnite is a unique game for many reasons. As a player, understanding the purpose of each Fortnite weapon is crucial to help you choose which weapons to hold in your inventory.

Weapon Color Power rankings:

  • Gray (common)
  • Green (uncommon)
  • Blue (rare)
  • Purple (epic)
  • Orange (legendary)
  • Gold (mythic)

Types of Weapons

There are four categories of Fortnite weapons: Mid-range, Short-range, Long-range, and Explosives.

There are also some weapons that NEVER run out of ammo – like the beam gun (mythic level). As of this writing, the easiest way to get these beam guns is by elim’ing one of the bots (they are in Starwars Storm Trooper uniforms).

With the current Winterfest events going on as well as the Starwars partnership presence, the Fortnite weapons are likely to change as the game puts out new updates. so we will make sure to update accordingly. Here is a run-down of the weapons in Fortnite as of this writing.


Arguably, the most common encounter in a Fortnite match is mid-range. While mid-range combat tends to happen more often in the game, fights usually begin in one of two ways. Once two opposing players encounter each other, a fight will occur as long as both players don’t run away from each other.

  1. if one player runs away and the other chases, this usually means the guy being chased is either low on health, doesn’t have resources, or knows he is overpowered by weapons. In my experience, most often the guy chasing will win the fight and get the elim.
  2. if both players approach each other for combat, we’ll then have either a mid-range shootout, OR we’ll see the players progress towards more of a short-range fight. The dynamics of mid versus short range fights are quite different

Although mid-range encounters are likely to end up being short-range battles, here are the available weapons for mid-range combat.

Burst Assault Rifle – each time you tap the fire button, this weapon shoots bursts of three shots at an opponent.

Assault Rifle – fires once with the tap of the button.

Sub Machine Gun – fires automatically for as long as the button is pressed. Seems to be less accurate then an assault rifle as the distance gets larger.

Short Range

As mentioned above, many short range fights begin as a mid-range encounter. As players naturally gravitate towards each other, they will switch from their mid-range weapons (such as assault rifles) to something like a shotgun or even lightsaber. Here’s a run down of the Fortnite short-range combat weapons available at players’ disposal.

Tactical Shotgun – this weapon is great because there is minimal time in between shots, compared with the tactical shotgun.

Pump Shotgun – as mentioned above, sometimes you have to take what you find. If it’s the first weapon you find, you’re picking it up!

Light Saber – extremely formidable and hard to defend against. We’re unsure how long these will remain in the game, but they’re here for now. Although lightsabers can be incredibly annoying, we’ve all gotten our fair share of elims with them, so they’re at least a little bit fun. But I’m still not 100% sure about the general consensus… do people like them or not? For close combat I mean you really can’t beat them. And each box has like 4 of them inside, so you can mark them for your squad.

Long Range

Sniper Rifle – the only true long-range weapon with a scope, the sniper rifle is valuable for at least one of your squadmates to hold on inventory.

*Some would categorize the assault rifle as a long range weapon, because it is effective a far distances. However, keep in mind there is no scope and you lose a bit of accuracy the further away you get.


Explosives are valuable for a few reasons. For one, they deal a large amount of damage. Additionally, they deal damage to structures, which can be valuable when your opponent is building and you want to knock them out of the structure.

Rocket Launcher – long range and powerful. If someone use a rocket launcher on you, the only advantage you have is that you have a few seconds to see them coming and move out of the way before it hits.

Snowball Launcher – mid-range and deals splash damage over a hefty radius. This means that even if you have no aim accuracy, you should still be able to get a couple elims.

Grenades – these are really great for knocking down structures. the challenge with using them is that you can only carry 6 and they are difficult to aim.

Selecting your inventory:

Aside from your harvesting tool, you only have 5 open spaces for inventory, so choose wisely. Based on our descriptions above, here are our thoughts about about how to decide what to hold in inventory.

  1. First, you want to hold any kind of assault rifle, or a handgun. These are the most versatile weapons and can be used effectively at further mid-range distances, as well as close up short range if need be.
  2. Tactical shotgun, ideally a purple/gold shotgun of any kind. Given that tactical shotguns of purple/gold are so much more rare, its worthwhile holding a green or blue tactical if that’s all you find. You’ll need it for close range.
  3. (and 4) – either a Sniper rifle or rocket launcher should take third and fourth priority, consuming those slots if you’re lucky enough to find both. Rocket launchers are rarer than snipers, so if you don’t have a rocket launcher, its worth holding grenades or a snowball launcher in place. Having an explosive like this is extremely valuable to knock down build structures,
  4. see above #3
  5. Blue half-pot shield potions. Ultimately, you want to have some type of healing in your inventory at all times. Often, you’ll be able to find more and pick up what you need in a bind, but its crucial that you have something just in case you end up with close to no health. Blue shield potions are the best because they are the only ones that can put you back up to 200. But use your best judgement when deciding what makes sense. If you have to run from the storm, you’ll want to have at least 10 or more bandages just in case.

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Why Fortnite Post-Game Analysis is a MUST for Mobile Players

In Fortnite Mobile, analyzing the elims you both deal AND take can be invaluable to developing your technique as a player.

Doing a Fortnite post-game analysis will not only show you what you did wrong during gameplay, but it can also be valuable to help you realize where your opportunities are to improve.

1. Discover Weak Points

You’ll notice your weak points. A common theme in the play by play analysis video is that he was SLOW to build up. Realizing this can give you ideas for how to improve your build speed and flow.

For example, you could take time to play Fortnite Creative and actually practice building.

Another idea to improve your build speed is by switching up your mobile button position using the HUD layout tool. One thing you can do is actually ADD an extra action button to the side of the screen opposite your look control. That way, by holding down build action, you can quickly look in a sweeping circle motion to build a surrounding enclosure.

2. Analyze Unfavorable FNM Situations

You’ll see what you did to put yourself in an unfavorable Fortnite situation. For example, staying in the same general area for too long will eventually allow other players to realize where you are located.

When your spot gets blown, its identified by more than a few players on the map. By doing so you put yourself at a BIG risk of being attacked by multiple players at one time. While this can be thrilling and makes for an exciting, action-packed game, keep in mind that other players will find you.

3. The small details

The small points are easy to forget to do in the heat of the moment during gameplay. For example:

  • Jumping while running
  • Re-loading during down time, before the action hits.
  • Not switching to a close range weapon like the tactical shotgun when necessary.
  • Not stocking up on resources given the chance
  • Forgetting to check the attics for weapons

4. What works

Remember what went well. Maybe you had a few mid-range AR scopes that just clicked?

Did pick a really good drop point on the map? Did you drop early or late?

Did you move to the new circle early? Doing so may have helped you loot additional buildings before the players further outside.

Ultimately, re-watching your Fortnite games can be really helpful if you want to get better. While it can be annoying to record your screen and have to find a way to store large files (delete them later), its definitely worth it.

The video below provides a short example of play by play post-game analysis, taken from a few clips of Fortnite Mobile gameplay.

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Fortnite Beginner Tips & Strategy

Here are a few tips for Fortnite beginners to keep from getting destroyed.

Drop in close to a building

  • Dropping in close to a building will allow you to more quickly find weapons and ammo. You’ll find chests of loot inside buildings. If possible, land close to a door, on a balcony, or on a roof and use your pickaxe to bust through.
    • when you land, act fast. Loot as quickly as possible – you never know when an opponent drops in right next to you! Its a race, oftentimes, to see who can get to the chests first.
    • keep an eye on others dropping in right next to you. They’re a threat that you’ll have to deal with. If you can’t get to a weapon before encountering them, use your mining weapon to deal some damage. If they get a weapon before you and you can’t find one, RUN!

Manage your inventory

  • You only have 5 slots, so choose wisely.
    • At the beginning, pick up the first weapon you find, even if just a pistol. You’ll be able to get early eliminations with a pistol usually.
    • You want to fill up your inventory as quickly as possible and constantly swap out for better weapons or weapons with more ammo.
    • Keep shield potions or a health kit in your inventory, you’ll be thankful you have it!
    • Consuming shield potions as soon as you pick them up until your shields are maxed out to free up inventory and build up your defense strategy.

Eliminating other players is the best way to get resources and weapons.

  • Acquiring Resources and Weapons: The best way to acquire more resources and better weapons is not by searching loot chests, but by getting elims and taking those players’ weapons. Think about it: each time you get an elim, get to loot a curated selection of weapons from that player searching multiple loot chests throughout the match. The same can be said for resources. When you elim another player, you get all the resources that they acquired, and can thus quite easily max out on resources by getting a couple elims.

Understand what the weapon colors mean

  • Power of Weapons: weapons that have colored hazes are the best – green, purple, blue, and gold. The colors correspond to the power. Grey is the weakest, gold is the most powerful. You’ll notice that two of the exact same type of weapon are not always equal in power. If you have two of the same weapon, look for a chance to swap out the weaker of the two for a better one.
    There are 4 categories of weapons:
    • Close quarters: tactical shotgun, submachine gun, and pistol are a couple options for close quarters. Tactical shotgun is probably one of the most powerful.
    • Mid range: Assault rifles. When engaged in a mid-range fight, players tend to gravitate closer together. You’ll want to be ready to quickly switch to something like a tactical shotgun if needed.
    • Long range: Snipers are not only extremely formidable, but also great to get a closer look at the action. The scope is extremely helpful when viewing buildings from afar before approaching.
    • Explosives: Grenades, rocket launchers, etc. Rocket launchers and grenades work well if someone is building up and you can’t access them. Also, if you’re in a building and not sure where someone is downstairs, I like to throw a grenade or two as an attack strategy.

Use your position on the map to your advantage

  • Positioning: knowing where you are on the map at all times.
    • Camping out can be helpful for short periods of time if you need to heal or apply a shield potion, but keep in mind that if you’re in the same spot too long, you put yourself at risk.
    • Don’t get caught outside the circle. Keep an eye on the map as well as the timer in the corner of the screen – make sure you’re ahead of the storm circle and get in early.
    • As the storm approaches, you need to move or your health will start to drop and you’ll eventually die.
    • As you go towards the middle, keep in mind you’re more likely to encounter other players, so be ready.
    • If you’re already inside as the storm is approaching, watch the perimeter as late players run to the middle – this is a great opportunity to pick people off and attack unexpectedly.
      • note: camping outside the storm circle and using a bandage launcher to stay alive is NOT a viable strategy!

Learn to build up

  • Practice building up: Building up is difficult, especially for beginners.
    • Practice building up when you’re not near combat areas. This can help you learn the flow of structure building and help you estimate what you can build with your given amounts of materials.
    • Go into creative mode to practice building up.
    • If you’re in the middle of the action, build up QUICKLY or else run. Again, building up is hard but it can be SUCH a valuable strategy especially as the circle gets smaller and smaller.
    • The people that build up really quickly and smoothly are the experienced players and it shows – it truly makes all the difference

Customize your button layout for better control

  • Mobile Controls: If you’re playing on mobile, you can manage the location of the buttons on the screen by tapping the hamburger icon in the top right corner of the screen, and selecting “HUD Layout Tool“. Having your buttons in a customized location can make all the difference.


  • Be Social! Fortnite is unique because it has such a large and awesome community.In addition to Solo Battle Royale, play Duos! This will allow you to meet other people and talk to the other players. In duos, everyone tends to be friendly and adopts a general collaborative team mentality.
    • If you have extra shield potions or health kits / med packs, share them with your teammate.
    • This is a good opportunity to learn from experienced players in the Fortnite community and have others to play with in the future.
    • You can add people from Duos as a friend and then play with them again.

What I’ve shared above is the culmination of what I learned playing Fortnite for the last two weeks. I’m definitely still a noob but I hope this has been helpful.

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