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What is ENS? (Ethereum Name Service)

  • What is Ethereum Name Service?
  • Why is ENS important?
  • How can you setup your own ENS address?

When you use an Ethereum wallet, you’ll receive an arbitrary 42 character set of characters (starting with 0x) that corresponds to your Ethereum address, or PUBLIC key.

(note: this is different from your private key.)

For example, this is what a sample 42 character Ethereum address might look like:


Many apps and browsers already support ENS names.

What is an ENS domain and why are they valuable?
some ENS supported applications. via ens.domains

Your .eth address is your web3 identity

Ultimately, this many characters is difficult to remember… and, it would be easy to make a type-o or mistake if you had to type it in every time you make a transaction.

To solve this problem, the Ethereum Name Service (or ENS) was created to build a sort of “address book” for the decentralized internet.

The ENS name allows people to associate their 42 character address with a short word or set of characters that is easy to remember, followed by “.eth” at the end.

Similarly to how you type in Google.com (rather than their server’s IP address) and it takes you to Google’s home page, an ENS address does this for web3.

Google DOES, by the way, have a public IP address, but isn’t it way easier to simply type in Google.com?

Your ENS address is tied to your Ethereum wallet

Your ENS name corresponds to your wallet and you can pick whatever name you want, as long as it is not already registered.

In many ways, your ENS is your username for web3 — ENS really is your Web3 identity.

Every ENS domain name is one of a kind… thus, non-fungible. 

ENS addresses are NFTs

Each ENS name you register is an NFT that you own, and can be purchased / sold on secondary via Opensea, or X2Y2.

ENS names use the ERC-721 token standard on Ethereum. Read more about ENS as NFTs here.

ENS offers decentralized naming for wallets, websites, & more.

You can signup for an ENS name at ENS.DOMAINS, and connect to the app using your Metamask wallet.

via ens.domains

Registering an address shorter than 5 characters will incur an additional fee.

ENS names can only be registered by 1 wallet at a time, this has created a sort of competition or marketplace for some of the most sought after names.

For certain special and rare ENS names, some people pay BIG money.