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Best Free Mobile Games 2020

The best free mobile games in 2020 are in some ways similar to last year, but with the advancement of mobile game technology, mobile gamers have a lot to look forward to!

The list of best free mobile games of 2020 are all considered to be “hyper casual games”, a game genre that is simple, short, and can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

Here are our top picks for the best free mobile games of 2020:

Best Free Mobile Games 2020

  • High Hoops
  • Geometry Dash
  • 2048 Balls
  • Color Bounce – developed by Jimmy On
  • Surfline game
  • Coin Rush
  • Bikes Hills
  • Hoop stars
  • Pokey ball
  • Fit
  • BlockuDoku
  • Dot n beat
  • Clash of blocks

How to Disable iOS 13 Gesture Pop-Up Bar for 3 & 4 Finger Claw

When you play Fortnite mobile on iOS 13 with 3 or 4 finger claw technique, there’s a weird glitch as a result of the multi-touch gesture setting that causes the editing bar (undo/redo/cut/copy/paste) to pop up unexpectedly.

How does the iOS 13 Gesture Bar Interrupt Gameplay?

The gesture bar shows up when you tap your screen with 3 or more fingers. This can interrupt mobile gameplay and can be quite frustrating as it momentarily freezes your ability to control the game.

The ability to use both the thumbs and index fingers to perform three or more actions simultaneously while playing (such as Move, Fire, Look, or Crouch) is very important for mobile gamers that play with the 3 or 4 finger claw technique.

Since there was no way to turn this setting off in iOS 13, the bar has all but ruined the experience for claw style mobile players.

There has been a significant amount of backlash from the mobile gaming community online.

frustration with ios multi-touch settings

Thankfully, Apple is a large company and is therefore able to make improvements quickly.

With the launch of iOS 13.1 in September as well as subsequent releases of 13.2 and 13.3, Apple has added “improvements and bug fixes” which fix the problem.

If you wait to upgrade your device, however, the problem will continue until you upgrade.

SOLUTION: In iOS 13, there is no way to turn the setting off. The only way to fix this is to upgrade your device.

If you’re a visual learner, the video below demonstrates the problem and how to resolve it.

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Best Free No-Download Online Games

In this post we’ll cover the best free, simple, no-download online multiplayer games. Why download a game if you don’t have to?

Aside from the fact that they are all free, these games are similar in a few ways.

Known as the “dot-io” games, they are simple by design, but become more complex as you develop different strategies to play and progress in each.

For one, they’re all accessible right from your browser without ever downloading a file onto your computer. In all of them, the entity you control moves non-stop. Since there’s no way to pause, the games require your undivided attention. will remind you of the old classic “Snake” that was popular on cell phones in the early 2000s. The difference is that its an online multiplayer game where seemingly hundreds of other snakes (players) are all in the same arena battling it out. The objective: get as big as possible.

  • To get bigger, you have to consume mass — colored dots scattered around the map.
  • Careful! If you run into another snake, you’re out! You lose and your snake turns into a concentration of colored dots for others to consume and get bigger.
  • Aggressive players will try to speed in front of you, so watch out. You can speed by holding down the mouse button, but you’ll slowly lose mass in order to speed up.

Link: click here to play

There is not another game like – it is completely unique. Like the others on this list, the game is an online multiplayer game.

  • The objective is to cover as much of the area as possible with your color. You move your player across the screen to create loops, and
  • While drawing a new loop, you’re vulnerable! If another player crosses your path before you close your new loop, then you’re out!
  • Score is kept based on the percentage of the map you have covered, and the player rankings are displayed on screen as well.
  • From the home page of the game’s website, you can change game mode. Small Map and Fast Speed are pretty fun, and there are even a few older versions that host games with an antiquated, blocky feel.

Link: click here to play feels a bit different than the other two. You control a circle (the hole) with your mouse, moving it around an arena that resembles a city. When you move your circle around an object, the object will drop down into the hole. Your goal is to consume various objects in the city such as benches, light posts, cars, buildings.

  • Your circle will get bigger as you consume more objects.
  • The kicker with is that it’s timed. Although endless games can be fun, the fact that is timed can be beneficial if you only have a few minutes to play

Link: click here to play

As simple and lightweight as they are, you can find yourself jumping in for just a round or two and playing for an hour before you know it. These games are great time wasters, perfect when you’re bored at work. They’re ALSO available on mobile (slither is, paper is, and I need to check to see if hole is) waiting for your plane, in transit, etc.

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Fortnite: What the Weapon Colors Mean

Fortnite colors represent the rarity of that weapon

The weapons in Fortnite are glowing a different color (gray, green, blue, purple, orange, or gold). When you pick up a weapon and it goes into your inventory, the weapon icon will display the same color, distinguishing one from another.

The colors of Fortnite weapons symbolize “rarity”, which describes how rare and also how powerful each weapon is. A gray weapon is not as powerful as a green one, and so on.

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Fortnite Weapon Color Rankings

There are 6 Fortnite Weapon colors. The list below ranks them from weakest to most powerful, with #6 being the most rare and powerful.

  1. Gray (common)
  2. Green (uncommon)
  3. Blue (rare)
  4. Purple (epic)
  5. Orange (legendary)
  6. Gold (mythic)

Gray is the weakest, Gold is the strongest (in theory). As of the Star Wars partnership events, a First Order Blaster rifle is one of the only Gold weapons in the game, and can be found by eliminating one of the bots in Stormtrooper uniforms. Gold weapons are special, and the core weapons present in the game do not have a gold ranking.

What determines the power of a Fortnite weapon?

There are a number of factors that determine how effective a weapon is. The different factors are DPS (damage per second), damage, fire rate, magazine size, and reload time. These statistics get better for each weapon as the weapons become more rare.

Statistics for Every Fortnite weapon, by color and type:

Below, you will see the stats for all of the main damage dealing weapons and equipment in the game of Fortnite, ranked with their respective colors and factors. We have excluded vaulted weapons and event related weapons (which are temporary) such as the lightsaber.

common, uncommon, and rare
epic and legendary

Can you change the color of a weapon?

You can change the color or rarity of a weapon.

To do so, you must “upgrade” the weapon, at specific places in the game. Upgrading typically requires different amounts of resources (wood, brick, and metal), and will then allow you to upgrade the weapon one level at a time. As you progress in rarity, weapons require more resources to be upgraded, while others are not able to be upgraded (Legendary and Mythic equipment cannot be upgraded, for example). It takes more resources to go from purple to orange than it does to go from grey to green, for instance.

For a more in-depth analysis of the different kind of weapons, check out the FULL ANALYSIS article covering the Fortnite weapon power rankings and what each color does.

Top 4 Fortnite Mobile Tips for Beginner Players

Fortnite is a game unlike any other. As competitive as it is fun, Fortnite keeps players chasing the sacred Victory Royale – a first place win in a live online match against 100 other players.

The game is available on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Mobile. If you’ve decided to play on mobile, welcome! We are going to cover a few important points for a beginner who chooses to play Fortnite on a mobile device.

Disable Auto Fire

When you first download Fortnite Mobile from the app store, you have a choice between various aim and control styles. Auto fire is a setting that is usually “on” by default. Although it can be fun to use when you’re new, it’s a great idea to disable it, so that you’re the one controlling your weapon. Here’s why you should disable auto fire:

  1. “Auto fire” is a control setup that automatically shoots whenever your weapon is aimed at another player.
  2. By using auto fire, you have an unfair advantage because the setting makes the game easier.
  3. You will waste ammo because the game will fire for you whenever pointed at a player, even if they’re out of reach.
  4. It enables you to fire without actually tapping the fire button, so you have fewer actual controls. The game performs the critical act of firing shots for the gamer.
  5. Having an automation like this enabled during a live match will cause other players to become frustrated with you and you may even get reported.

Work Towards Becoming a 4-finger Player.

Playing Fortnite – or any first person shooter game – on a mobile device comes with unique control styles. Naturally, Fortnite mobile players tend to use their thumbs to aim, move, jump, fire, build, etc. But with the vast amount of buttons on the screen, it can be tough to perform all these different actions concurrently with just two thumbs.

The solution that has been popularized is to use your two index fingers in addition to your thumbs. To do so, you rest your mobile device on your pinky, ring, and middle fingers, while wrapping the thumb and index fingers of each hand around to the front of the screen, hence the name “4-finger”.

Given the awkward nature of the 4-finger technique, it has been termed “the claw” by some as well. Although the technique does take some getting used to, it can be extremely effective. The best mobile players tend to use this technique during gameplay.

By using the 4-finger claw for control, you should be able to better match your fingers to the position of the buttons on screen, giving you optimum speed and reach capabilities. This brings us to our next point…

Use the HUD Layout Tool to Customize your Button Layout

Fortnite mobile offers you the capability to move the action buttons around on your screen.

This customize-ability of the mobile control system goes hand-in-glove with your gradual progression towards becoming a 4-finger player. As you adapt to 4-finger, it’s important to shift and reposition your custom button layout to the setup that fits best with the natural flow of your hands on the screen during gameplay.

To see how to do this, see the post on the HUD Layout Tool.

Turn on Turbo Build

Turbo Build is a configuration in mobile that allows you to build quicker. It can easily be enabled by going to settings. Turbo build allows you to continue building the same piece when you hold down the build button.

After enabling turbo build, make sure to add the build shortcut tools to your HUD Layout, as described above. This allows for quicker access to build mode so that you can instantaneously build whatever block you want during heat of the moment combat fights.

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Fortnite Weapon Color Power Rankings and Analysis

Fortnite is a unique game for many reasons. As a player, understanding the purpose of each Fortnite weapon is crucial to help you choose which weapons to hold in your inventory.

Weapon Color Power rankings:

  • Gray (common)
  • Green (uncommon)
  • Blue (rare)
  • Purple (epic)
  • Orange (legendary)
  • Gold (mythic)

Types of Weapons

There are four categories of Fortnite weapons: Mid-range, Short-range, Long-range, and Explosives.

There are also some weapons that NEVER run out of ammo – like the beam gun (mythic level). As of this writing, the easiest way to get these beam guns is by elim’ing one of the bots (they are in Starwars Storm Trooper uniforms).

With the current Winterfest events going on as well as the Starwars partnership presence, the Fortnite weapons are likely to change as the game puts out new updates. so we will make sure to update accordingly. Here is a run-down of the weapons in Fortnite as of this writing.


Arguably, the most common encounter in a Fortnite match is mid-range. While mid-range combat tends to happen more often in the game, fights usually begin in one of two ways. Once two opposing players encounter each other, a fight will occur as long as both players don’t run away from each other.

  1. if one player runs away and the other chases, this usually means the guy being chased is either low on health, doesn’t have resources, or knows he is overpowered by weapons. In my experience, most often the guy chasing will win the fight and get the elim.
  2. if both players approach each other for combat, we’ll then have either a mid-range shootout, OR we’ll see the players progress towards more of a short-range fight. The dynamics of mid versus short range fights are quite different

Although mid-range encounters are likely to end up being short-range battles, here are the available weapons for mid-range combat.

Burst Assault Rifle – each time you tap the fire button, this weapon shoots bursts of three shots at an opponent.

Assault Rifle – fires once with the tap of the button.

Sub Machine Gun – fires automatically for as long as the button is pressed. Seems to be less accurate then an assault rifle as the distance gets larger.

Short Range

As mentioned above, many short range fights begin as a mid-range encounter. As players naturally gravitate towards each other, they will switch from their mid-range weapons (such as assault rifles) to something like a shotgun or even lightsaber. Here’s a run down of the Fortnite short-range combat weapons available at players’ disposal.

Tactical Shotgun – this weapon is great because there is minimal time in between shots, compared with the tactical shotgun.

Pump Shotgun – as mentioned above, sometimes you have to take what you find. If it’s the first weapon you find, you’re picking it up!

Light Saber – extremely formidable and hard to defend against. We’re unsure how long these will remain in the game, but they’re here for now. Although lightsabers can be incredibly annoying, we’ve all gotten our fair share of elims with them, so they’re at least a little bit fun. But I’m still not 100% sure about the general consensus… do people like them or not? For close combat I mean you really can’t beat them. And each box has like 4 of them inside, so you can mark them for your squad.

Long Range

Sniper Rifle – the only true long-range weapon with a scope, the sniper rifle is valuable for at least one of your squadmates to hold on inventory.

*Some would categorize the assault rifle as a long range weapon, because it is effective a far distances. However, keep in mind there is no scope and you lose a bit of accuracy the further away you get.


Explosives are valuable for a few reasons. For one, they deal a large amount of damage. Additionally, they deal damage to structures, which can be valuable when your opponent is building and you want to knock them out of the structure.

Rocket Launcher – long range and powerful. If someone use a rocket launcher on you, the only advantage you have is that you have a few seconds to see them coming and move out of the way before it hits.

Snowball Launcher – mid-range and deals splash damage over a hefty radius. This means that even if you have no aim accuracy, you should still be able to get a couple elims.

Grenades – these are really great for knocking down structures. the challenge with using them is that you can only carry 6 and they are difficult to aim.

Selecting your inventory:

Aside from your harvesting tool, you only have 5 open spaces for inventory, so choose wisely. Based on our descriptions above, here are our thoughts about about how to decide what to hold in inventory.

  1. First, you want to hold any kind of assault rifle, or a handgun. These are the most versatile weapons and can be used effectively at further mid-range distances, as well as close up short range if need be.
  2. Tactical shotgun, ideally a purple/gold shotgun of any kind. Given that tactical shotguns of purple/gold are so much more rare, its worthwhile holding a green or blue tactical if that’s all you find. You’ll need it for close range.
  3. (and 4) – either a Sniper rifle or rocket launcher should take third and fourth priority, consuming those slots if you’re lucky enough to find both. Rocket launchers are rarer than snipers, so if you don’t have a rocket launcher, its worth holding grenades or a snowball launcher in place. Having an explosive like this is extremely valuable to knock down build structures,
  4. see above #3
  5. Blue half-pot shield potions. Ultimately, you want to have some type of healing in your inventory at all times. Often, you’ll be able to find more and pick up what you need in a bind, but its crucial that you have something just in case you end up with close to no health. Blue shield potions are the best because they are the only ones that can put you back up to 200. But use your best judgement when deciding what makes sense. If you have to run from the storm, you’ll want to have at least 10 or more bandages just in case.

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10 Ways Fortnite is Unlike Any Other Game You Have Ever Played

As a Battle Royale style first person shooter, Fortnite has gained a dedicated community of gamers since its initial release in 2017. Its 2020 now, and the game is alive and well, loved by over 250 million players.

“No matter how old you get, you will always remember the video games you played when you were young”

-EspressoMonkey, Fortnite Mobile player

Here are the top ways Fortnite is different from any other game you can play today.

Structure Building

The process of acquiring resources by hacking at structures with the harvesting tool is crucial to winning. Being able to actually build a structure to protect yourself from other players is key.

There is not another mass market first person shooter game that incorporates building the way that Fortnite does. Building adds a level of complexity that gamers must learn to use to their advantage.

Some have compared the build-up capability to Minecraft, in that you can create whatever shape structure you want with general templated blocks. The Fortnite Creative mode takes this a step further, giving players a server with an empty ground on which to build.

Cartoonish Characters

Since the graphics are not designed to look or feel realistic and are cartoonish by design, the game contrasts games like Arma III, which is designed to resemble real-life combat as closely as possible.

With the cartoon-base design and artwork of the game, players experience a lighter, almost fun and party feel (avatars will even dance) rather than a serious or morbid feel that other games can portray.

The game hosts its fair share of components that add a level of silliness. At the start of each match, for example, players skydive out of a school bus suspended in the air by a hot air balloon.

10 ways fortnite is unlike any other game
the Fortnite battle bus

Minimal Violence

Although Fortnite is a first person shooter, the game is rated T for teen, and has little to no violence. Instead of blood and gore, players are removed from the game by a science fiction-like animation that looks like an alien abduction or something. This abstract method of eliminating a player from the game adds to the mystery and wonder of the game, but also keeps it PG.

This brings up another interesting fact: rather than calling them “kills”, the word “elimination” or simply “elim” is used when you take out another player.

Despite having a PG-rated violence level, the game still attracts players of all ages, old and young.

Camping out is not necessarily frowned upon.

In Fortnite, camping exists in the game almost by design. As you jump out of the bus and skydive down to the island for battle, your first order of business is finding a weapon. Here, players are forced to look in hiding spots — roofs of houses, basements, stairs, bushes, etc. — all the while making sure they are not caught by another player before finding their first weapon. Players are almost required to take time out of combat to stock up their inventory on resources, weapons, and ammo. Since looting is such a big part of the game, all the players camp for at least part of each match.


Players aren’t necessarily just looking to experience the most action-packed video game when they log onto Fortnite. In fact, gameplay can be somewhat slow in the beginning depending on where you drop. It seems that one of the biggest attractions to the game is the social aspect.

Due to the time it takes to load and organize 100 players into a server, there is always a small break in between matches – just enough, usually, to run and grab a snack. During this small amount of downtime, players have the chance to connect with their friends in the game, squad up on teams, trash talk other players, etc. For this reason, Fortnite is also hugely popular for streamers.Gives streamers the chance to talk to their chat. In Fortnite, hard scoping is not necessarily frowned upon.

Dedicated, Youthful Player Base

According to the numbers, 53% of the players are between the ages of 10-25. With such a large number of young people that play the game, even if everyone were to stop playing the game tomorrow, Fortnite would remain in the memories of these players for many decades to come.

No matter how old you get, you will always remember the video games you played when you were young. Those of us who grew up playing Nintendo games like Super Smash Bro’s and Mario Kart will always have a nostalgic love for these games for the rest of our lives. The same can be said of people who play any video game today. For this reason, Fortnite will be especially loved for many years to come.

Unique Physics

Realistic or not, the physics of the game bring important considerations for players.

First, long-shots take gravity and leading into account. So, if a player over 100 yards away is running horizontal to you as you target with a sniper, you’ll need to aim slightly up and in front of them to land a shot.

Another example is build physics. You can build as large and complex a structure as you like as long as it is anchored to the ground at just a single point. To take down the entire structure, all that a player has to do is break the grounding links of the structure.

Strong Partnerships

In December 2019, Fortnite and Starwars formed a big partnership, hosting lightsabers as a weapon in the game, for example.

There are many other examples of Fortnite partnerships as well, such as recently hosting famous actor Keanu Reeves as a character in the game.

New Game Updates Often

Fortnite updates their game often. With each release, players get to experience a wide variety diverse weapons and features. No matter how small, each update changes the dynamics of the game in some way. This is good because it makes gameplay feel fresh and exciting while keeping gamers on their toes.

Some changes have been a hit and popular, while others have caused a backlash of criticism from the community. Some gamers blame the game for adding in too many updates, or “nerfing” certain weapons to make them less powerful.

Another update that really changed the game was the removal of transparent build edits. Whereas players used to be able to see through the wall while editing, the edits are now are greyed out, instead of transparent. Previously, keeping build edits transparent meant that players could see what was happening outside the structure while staying within the protection of its walls.

However you feel about the updates, one thing is for sure: updates and changes will be constant. Its clear that Epic Games (creator of Fortnite) is investing a lot in game improvements and additions with the ultimate goal of making the game more fun, and keeping the game profitable for them.

An Exciting Future

Just a few days ago, right after Christmas, there was a curious tweet from the Founder and CEO of Epic Games as it relates to the future of Fortnite:

Fortnite is a game. But please ask that question again in 12 months.— Tim Sweeney (@TimSweeneyEpic) December 26, 2019

Who’s to say what the game will look like a year from now other than the head of the game company.

Fortnite lovers will see dramatic changes and have a lot to look forward to over the next year. We look forward to sharing information and insights about these updates on MobileGameTalk for years to come. Happy Gaming!

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What is Hard Scoping in First Person Shooter Games?

And is hard scoping frowned upon? 

“Hard scoping” is when someone looks through the scope of a sniper rifle for an extended period of time (say, longer than 2-3 seconds). Hard scoping is frowned upon in many games because it allows players to camp in one spot and target other players from a distance. Taking time to aim and lock down a perfect headshot may be viewed as an unfair advantage.

Fortnite Mobile elim via a 3 second scope

There are many who believe hard scoping is part of the game. You have a scope, and you might as well use it. 

But why is hard scoping even a big deal?

With the popularity of streaming platforms and YouTube highlight videos, gamers enjoy showing off trick shots like fast scope snipes. As players have begun to hold this type of video in high regard, scoping for longer than just a second or two has come to be a mark of inexperience in gaming. 

Some gamers would tell you don’t EVER look through your scope for more than two seconds, subscribing to the ideology that you should only use the scope when the distance is so far that regular aiming is difficult or impossible. Players that scope for longer… 5 to 10 seconds or more, are considered “hard scopers” and are universally condemned.

The verdict…

After thinking through it further, I’m not sure we can come to an official conclusion at the moment. Ultimately, there are a lot more factors to take into consideration such as skill level, game style, as well as the actual game itself. Conventions in Fortnite may be different from those in Call of Duty, and vice-versa.

So what are your thoughts? Is ‘hard-scoping’ a big no-no, or is it acceptable? Let me know what you think.

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Who Remembers the Gameboy Color?

Speaking of mobile gaming… who remembers the Gameboy Color? Between the years of 2002 and 2004, this little purple game console changed the lives of so many 90’s kids just like us.

Mobile games have come a long way.. Isn’t it interesting that both Gameboy AND smart phones share generally the same rectangular shape? It’s almost as if we’ve come full circle, right?

Before you reach for your smartphones for the next round of whatever game you just downloaded from the App Store, I hope this short video brings just a bit of nostalgia, and reminds you of quieter, simpler times in mobile gaming.

After years in a dusty drawer of my parents house, I can’t say I surprised that it will not turn on. Yes, I am heartbroken and need to find a Gameboy repair shop right away. But in a way, this is just evidence as to WHY obsolete technology gets replaced. It’s old and unreliable. So as sentimental as that video might make you and I feel, we can rest easy knowing that we’ve moved on to bigger and better games.

As we approach 2020, futuristic technology innovation will be present as always. Here’s a prediction for the day: Devices that fold will be a thing of the past. Before you know it, we’ll ALL be saying goodbye to folding laptops. Instead, we will likely carry some ambiguous smartphone/tablet-like device… used with any number from a suite of controllers of our choosing… bluetooth keyboards and mice, styluses, aux game controllers, and even just our fingers.

Merry Christmas mobile gamers.

Happy gaming to all, and to all a good night.

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The 6 Biggest Reasons Mobile Gaming will Dominate

A Growing Industry

There are more mobile games today than ever before. 2020 will bring even more. With a combination of the iTunes App Store, Google Play, and indie websites like, mobile gaming has turned into a universal phenomena.

Mobile Twins of Console Games

Not everyone has an Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo console. But everyone does have a smartphone within arms reach at all hours of the day.

Whereas consoles are becoming reserved for the die-hard gamer, mobile is dramatically lowering the cost of customer and user acquisition. Game companies can build mobile versions of console games to reach a broader audience, targeting less-committed gamers. Many of the biggest game companies in the world have already built mobile versions of their most popular console games. You can play major games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Mario Kart RIGHT NOW from your phone.

Ease of Setup

Mobile games are arguably more easy to setup; you don’t have run cords from the power outlet to the console and into the back of your dusty television. You just tap to download a lightweight app – seconds later you’re playing.

This lets you try new games much more quickly and easily using a device you already use daily: your phone. No need to spend hundreds on a console.

Mobile Controllers

Mobile gamers can attach ergonomic handheld controllers to their mobile devices. The controllers help people who are familiar with the handheld devices and button setups on consoles replicate that experience with mobile.


We’ve all seen the ability to do gestures with two or more fingers on a mobile device. This is great in gaming. But the other advantage, compared to, say, clicking on a computer, is that you have multiple access points to the screen. Instead of only having one degree of access with a mouse on a computer, on a mobile device you ALWAYS have two or more degrees of access to what’s happening on the screen. At a minimum, you can use two thumbs.

Innovation in Mobile Development

The number of platforms that allow for you to build mobile games is ever growing. With free software tools such as BuildBox, even people without a technical background can build mobile games. These tools require no coding and no software development needed, so its easy to get started. If you do know some code, BuildBox does allow you to go in and customize Javascript code, although this is not required.

Unity is also an extremely popular game development tool, although it requires a bit more technical know-how.


Beyond simple mobile gaming, the takeoff of virtual and augmented reality cannot be understated. One critical enabler of these technologies is a camera sensor so that objects can be overlaid onto the real world.

Since mobile devices have cameras native to the device, this makes VR and AR experiences extremely fluid and natural. Overtime, it wouldn’t surprise me to see these experiences to be built for mobile-first, rather than console or desktop.

Smartphone manufacturers have added more and more cameras to all sides and faces of mobile devices with the release of every new model, and we can expect this trend to continue to evolve. Its not unreasonable to suppose that 360 degree cameras could soon be present on all smartphones.

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