Storytelling Frameworks and Narrative Structure – The Hero’s Journey and beyond

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Frameworks for storytelling

Much work has gone into building a storytelling formula. At the end of the day, telling stories is more art than science.

Not everything can be boiled down to a formulaic template, however, frameworks can certainly help.

Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey (pdf)

Other Storytelling Frameworks

Instead of 17, some break it down into 12, or 5, or even 3.

Global Narrative Frameworks

As someone who was born in the Western Hemisphere, much of the popular culture that I have been exposed to tend to be specific to this part of the world.

However, there is much to learn from other parts of the globe on storytelling and narrative structures that work well. Perhaps, once you understand western-centric storytelling frameworks, the monotony of predictable story / plot structures will lead writers to seek new and exciting ways of telling stories.

Perhaps this represents the future of storytelling… the next frontier.

Framework to Evaluate a Narrative (roughly 9 components)


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