Top 5 Best Digital Frames to Display NFTs on Your Wall

Best digital frames for displaying NFTs

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Digital picture frames enable NFT collectors to show off their portfolios directly on screen.

There are many options display your NFTs and digital art on your wall.

Just like a mere copy of a famous piece of artwork isn’t the same as looking at the original, a copy of an NFT that you don’t own isn’t the same as actually owning an NFT.

Getting a digital NFT display frame allows you to flex your digital NFT collection on your wall.

NFT owners need a top tier frame to go with your top tier project.

1. Luma

Museum grade technology.

Custom made to order

The clean look without borders enables the viewer to focus on the piece as if the frame isn’t even there.

Life size digital frames create a sense of presence, bringing the piece into the real world, becoming of the room.

Display Screen Specifications: LEDs are designed to operate 24/7.

Non-reflective matte surface means the picture will not be impacted by sunlight / ambient light.

The display also features the highest resolution available on the market in pure LED form (0.9mm – 1.2mm pitch), 48-bit color processing, Wide Academy gamut format in DCI or BT2020, Refresh rate exceeding 3800 Khz, and professionally color calibrated.

Mobile App: get the Luma app

The Luma mobile app enables you to control and schedule which NFTs you want to show up on the display.

This is a great feature for curators that want to queue up different artwork, enabling control over what NFTs to display and when.

Security: The app and display never have access to funds or tokens in your wallet.

Storage: Can store up to 1000 artworks and 25 hours of video.

Size / Dimensions: Luma NFT displays come in a variety of sizes, all of which take up sizable portions of the wall.

On the smaller side, 2’x2’3”, to the larger size, 8’x4’6”. Portrait and Landscape options. Learn more about sizing on the Luma website.

Price: as Luma digital art displays are custom made to order, buyers can request pricing directly from the company’s website.

2. Tokenframe

The Token Frame digital displays are designed with NFT owners in mind, bringing digital art to life.

The website references web3, allowing the user to sign-in with wallet, connect to WiFi, and then display NFTs.

Display Screen Specifications: types of screens include include QD-OLED and LED

Takes effort and care to ensure your NFT looks good on display – mentioning the importance of aspect ratio, resolution, etc.

Display options include 2K and 4K options with vivid, anti-glare screens specifically designed for digital art.

The wall mount enables the frame to be rotated 90°, which will automatically switch orientation – just like your smartphone does.

Mobile App: the Token Frame App, which integrates with the popular web3 crypto and NFT wallets. 

The app allows you to control the background color, artwork size and more to ensure the perfect fit, no matter the aspect ratio. 

Access your NFT Gallery by logging into your web3 wallet via Metamask, Fortmatic or WalletConnect, which are all integrated into the app.

The mobile and web app enables you to control every aspect of the display settings including:

  • power (on/off)
  • show NFT contract info & QR code (on/off)
  • volume & brightness control
  • WiFi settings
  • energy saving schedules
  • customizable slideshow

Security: The app is non-custodial, so they never have access to your NFTs or private keys.

Storage: because the Tokenframe connects to your wallet via wifi, hardware storage is not needed.

Size / Dimensions: sizes range from 10 inches at the low end to 55 inches at the high end, measured diagonally.

Square and rectangular options, as well as a few different border patterns – birch, mahogany, solid black, and solid white.

Price: Tokenframe enables purchase in a variety of currencies including BTC and ETH.

Depending on size, prices range from $333 at the low end to $2777 at the high end.

Other Info: enables audio as well.

Built-in stereo speakers and headphone jacks allow you to fully immerse yourself in your NFT masterpieces and experience them as they were intended.

3. Skylight Frame

The smaller Skylight Frame is a good option for an NFT collector that doesn’t want the collection to be the central focus of the room. 

With over 13000+ reviews on Amazon, the Skylight Frame is a reliable way to display digital art and NFTs.

Display Screen Specifications: 10 inch color touch-screen display with 1280×800 resolution 

Mobile App: there is no mobile app. 

Security: because this digital frame does not connect to your wallet, there is no cause for security concerns.

Storage: No hardware storage.

To use the Skylight frame, plug in and use the touch screen to connect to Wi-Fi. Pick a unique Skylight email address for your frame. Email photos to the frame’s address and they will appear instantly.

Size / Dimensions: Total size is 10.7 x 7.4 x 0.9 inches, with 10 inch diagonal screen size.

Price: $159

4. Canvia

Display Screen Specifications:

NFT compatible – integrates with multiple crypto wallets to enable the use of NFT images and videos

Create and schedule which digital artworks you want to show up.

Uses sensor technology to read information about the surrounding environment, enabling the screen brightness and display to be optimized as the amount of ambient light in the room changes throughout the day.

Mobile App: mobile and web app lets you upload & schedule your own photography. 

Lets you manage various aspect ratios, tailoring how you want images to fit on the screen.

Security: Never has access to your private keys. Images uploaded by users via the app are only stored locally on the device and so cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Storage: 16 gigabytes memory, up to 10k photos

Size / Dimensions: 27” diagonal screen

Price: $521

5. Blackdove Digital Canvas

Display Screen Specifications: screen is ultra HD 4K 60 frames per second. 

The Digital Canvas is built for NFTs.

“A premium grade display that offers local storage, high brightness, auto-boot to artwork, 24/7 ratings for 5-7 years, native portrait orientation, remote support capabilities and a three year warranty.”

Full specs here

Mobile App: Blackdove mobile and web app to manage an unlimited number of displays from anywhere in the world. 

Enables you to sync your wallet and import the media files associated with each NFT in order to display them.

Security: does not mention security.

Storage: website does not mention storage.

Size / Dimensions: ranges from 55” to 98”

Price: ranges from $1500-14,700 based on size; in-home installation for $499

Other Info: subscription plan available with additional features

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