Buying and Selling NFT Artwork made by Artificial Intelligence

The NFT art marketplace on OpenSea.

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For a fraction of an Ethereum, you can purchase NFT artwork – many of which are created by an artificial intelligence.

by Project Argo – titled Fading

Combining two exciting emerging technologies, both blockchain and artificial intelligence, you buy and sell unique NFTs and AI-generated NFT artwork on website is called OpenSea.

Project Argo is one collection I’ve browsed through. What’s interesting about Project Argo is that the artist has been able to use AI to develop artwork that seems to have characters or entities within each piece.

As seen in Fading on the right, the NFT appears (to me at least) to feature a face.

Artworks become much more interesting when they appear to feature individual characters and facial expressions.

All types of art – whether painting or literature or music – seems to have a positive or negative connotation.

Some artists create more uplifting artwork (Norman Rockwell or Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel) while others create artwork that is mischievous or scandalous work, and other artists create powerfully dark and emotional works.

Looking through the list of images made by AI, I can’t help but wonder about the baseline emotion evoked by artificial intelligence.

What connotation and sentiment does the neural network create when generating these graphics?

As the lay observer, every photo seems to evoke the same balance of emotion, somewhere between darkness and excitement.

If we had a way to measure emotional sentiment, where might each image fit on a scale that measure how optimistic or pessimistic each image looks?

To me, it feels as though each image is quite close to neutral.

Zen by Project Argo

The surprising thing is that, looking through all of these photos on Project Argo, I get the sense that each piece of artwork is depicting entities that are saying and feeling the same representative emotions.

And yet its difficult to put it into words.

Its like trying to explain what is experienced under the influence of psychedelics – often impossible to do so in worldly terms.

The resemblance to faces in the photos are approximately accurate. Although there is no true face, the outline of eyes, nose, mouth, etc. evoke a baseline facial expression that a person might have when their face is at rest.

The entities depicted in these photos all have the same, neutral facial expression. Not a single smile, eyebrow raise, or wink. They all have the same, neutral look – one that you cannot quite figure out.

Yet the images don’t feel expressionless or emotionless.

They feel as if they are showing life at work. Life doing what life does – here to experience our world for the sake of its own existence.

Except that these entities are in a different place. They don’t exist in our world, but in an unknown realm generated by AI.

Project Argo’s creator, in naming each photo, seemed to air on the side of futuristic Armageddon.

“The last island party” and “robot revolution” for example.

Of the list, Dreamy City and Penguin one stood out. They’re all worth a look.

When artificial intelligence designs an image for humans to look at, what is it trying to say to us?

Is AI trying to tell us something?

As artificial intelligence looks back at us in society, could the message be “you can do better”?

Perhaps we can gather a sense for what AI feels, by looking at the artwork it creates, and by interpreting the conversations it has.

But we’ve got to focus on safety when dealing with artificial intelligence. AI safety is something I’ve spoken about since the beginning of this website.

I’m planning to start selling my own NFTs on OpenSea as well and donate 50% of all revenue to medical research aimed at helping humans live healthier for longer. Please follow me and consider donating or contributing!

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