Knighthood mobile gamer Q&A

Bring your inner knight to life in this RPG mobile game.

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We interviewed redditor ManaBuilt about Knighthood, and here’s how it went!

Q: What is Knighthood?

A: The game is a portrait-oriented RPG with turn-based battle mechanics and hero collection.

Q: How did you hear about the game?

A: I heard about it through a friend that downloaded it and recommend I give it a shot.

Q: Why do you enjoy playing it?

A: I enjoy the game because of its solid gameplay and unique graphics. The fights are satisfying and the hero collecting doesn’t take center stage, which lets you spend most of your time upgrading your own character.

Q: Could you elaborate on gameplay a bit.. talk about objectives, progression, items, etc.

A: The game is semi-linear, with your character needing to go through set battles in order to continue on to new lands. As you move through the world, there are some branching paths that lead to various repeatable activities that are all about grinding for the necessary components to level up. Hunts are battles that can be farmed for upgrade materials and EXP, while Shrines of Power are quests that you can send your companions out on to get unique items and level them up, etc. There’s a good amount of variety to be had and daily missions will pretty much get you to touch each of the events in one way or another.

Q: How are the graphics? Can you compare the graphic / art in the game to anything?

A: I could not think of any other game that has graphics like this, possibly Fortnite? It’s a very clean look, and moving between menus and battles feels very smooth. Equipment (weapons and armor) have unique looks for each rank, making your character look very unique from other players the more you play.

Q: Can you talk about the game controls? How complex are touch screen mobile controls during gameplay?

A: Controls are pretty simple. Tap once to attack with weapon, swipe up to attack with your gauntlet. Gauntlet attacks power up your special, which changes based on the companions you bring with you into fights. Gauntlet and standard weapon attacks can be chained together in some fun ways, as high attack combos deal more damage, but higher gauntlet combos fill your special meter faster. So there’s some interesting planning that needs to happen if you know that a later wave of enemies will be better dealt with a big special attack. It feels very nice playing mobile, and I would say a lot of care went into making sure it didn’t feel like a port from PC or anything; buttons are all easy to press, text never feels too small, and it’s pretty light on battery and data to boot.

Q: How does upgrading your character work?

A: Upgrading your character happens on a lot of different levels. Your character gains actual EXP from fights, but you also need to upgrade your weapons, armor, and companions. Hunts, as mentioned, are the easiest ways to farm for materials to upgrade each of these, but as the game goes on you start needing to find special and harder to find items to move a piece of equipment into the next rank. So there’s a good blend of grinding and needing to hunt down valuable materials and then making a decision about which item will get moved into a new rank or level.

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